Each year millions of Americans rely on the Charter for Hire Industry to access our nation's fishery. Whether on a Head/Party Boat, Center Console or Luxury Sport Fishing yacht, our industry gives fishermen who do not own their own boats the opportunity to take advantage of our great fishery. Our customers come from all over the country and are a large part of the economic machine that drives our coastal communities.


Charter Fisherman's Association was formed by a group of Charter for Hire fishermen for the Charter for Hire industry and the millions of recreational fishermen who rely on the Industry across the country.

The fundamental goal of

CFA is to achieve sustainable and accountable status for our fisheries in a way that will increase all user groups’ access to our nation’s natural resource.


This goal is essential for the long-term outlook of recreational fisheries and the businesses and communities that rely on recreational fishermen to come to their shores to fish on charter for hire vessels.

CFA’s sole mission and focus is the health of our nations fisheries and to benefit the general public. This mission is achieved through outreach, education and the development of proactive plans that work within the framework of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Management Act, and the federal or state processes for managing and improving our fisheries, our businesses and public access to our nation’s resources.

Current fishing rules hurt anglers, fishing businesses, and our nation's fisheries by severely limiting fishing with short or even closed seasons, while promoting wasteful discards due to outdated management practices. Moreover, the rules also fail to manage the fishery effectively. CFA will work to meet the mandates set by congress through the promotion of fishery management practices that are beneficial to the American public, the fishery in general as well as the fishing industry.

The U.S Congress and the Management Councils have created several ways for recreational fishing groups and others to advocate for new management options.
Charter Fisherman’s Association is working towards long-term solutions to increase fishing time, improve businesses, and ensure a sustainable fishery.

SECTOR SEPARATION INFORMATION AND DOCUMENT PAGE ADDED AND OPEN TO EVERYONE TO SEE - CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE CFA SECTOR SEPARATION DOCUMENT PAGE.  If you have information you would like us to post to the sector separation information page you may email it to us with a request to add it.

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